Cex.io Scam Or Not?

CEX.IO is not a scam. They are a trusted and reputable bitcoin exchange that many people successfully use. This is because there are several testimonies of users from around the world that have used this platform to gain the best trading results.

In case you are wondering whether CEX.io is a legit broker or not,

This implies that they're very unlikely to carry out any scam on crypto traders.

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Offenders are difficult to catch and money lost on bitcoin scams can be.

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CEX.IO review: crypto exchange. Een cryptocurrency exchange is dé plek waar geïnteresseerde handelaren moeten zijn om crypto's aan te schaffen en te. 2259 people have already reviewed CEX.IO. Read about their experiences and. IO does not take their customers seriously and that is so sad, it's been a week. A good example is why is.

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You are welcome to my Cex io review. I am sure you are here to find out if you can make money with Cex io ltd. But, Is cex.io legit or scam?

29/11/2014 · Cex.io is a Fraud reported to the police in 3 countriesCex.io is a Scam and has been reported to the police in Uk, US, France and Ukaine.Cex.io is a Scam, it stole millions from its users and has been reported to the police by hundred of them. I recommend you read steemit and reddit posts searching for "cex.io fraud", "cex.io scam". Positive reviews are written by paid people. There is a group.