Justine Biticon Antm

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22 Dec 2016.

Justine Biticon was eliminated from America's Next Top Model this week, but she's taking her loss in stride. The 18-year-old has turned images.

2 Jun 2017.

Former “America's Next Top Model” contestant Justine Biticon tweeted out a hilarious text convo between her and her dad, and it went viral.

Rita Ora Reveals The First Shocking Elimination | America's Next Top Model22 Dec 2016.

ANTM stands for America's Next Top Model, but now — thanks to an 18-year-old eliminated contestant named Justine Biticon — it also stands.

19 Dec 2016.

America's Next Top Model Exit Interview: Justine Biticon's Episode 2.

Justine Biticon, about her early exit from the competition and what's next.