Always Inept Bitcoin Foundation Badly Bungles Board Vote

10/01/2009  · After thinking about it and looking at the current community and the surprising amount of activity being conducted in bitcoins, I estimate that bitcoin has somewhere between 0 and 0.1% chance of eventually replacing a decent size fiat currency, which would put the value of a bitcoin at anywhere upwards of $10,000 a bitcoin. (Match the existing outstanding number of whatever currency to 21m.

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30 Dec 2013.

Bitcoin seems to meet the criteria of an EXIM, but the assertion that “Bitcoin.

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17:15:55 mircea_popescu: Freitas and co also monitored the Klout score of each of their social bots to see how they fared. (Klout is an online service that measures the influence

bitcoin to purchase our products and services now allows us to be at the front edge of that trend.’ Wallet Blues Lately too, there’s been good and bad news for bitcoin’s blockchain public ledger. First the bad. A little local difficulty arose with a security failure at blockchain.

Insights to help you understand bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency—and what.

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Can Bitcoin Replace Government-Issued Money? A DebateThe Bitcoin Foundation | 9647 followers on LinkedIn | The Bitcoin Foundation co- ordinates the efforts of the members in the Bitcoin community, helping to create.

Stichting Bitcoin Nederland is een zelfstandige stichting die de belangen van virtuele currencies zo goed mogelijk behartigd in Nederland.

That, coupled with the inept and amateurish conduct by Blockstream, not to mention the lack of accountability and transparency with respect to Blockstream’s decidedly "legacy financial system" ties, and yeah, one really has to LOL at anyone trying to paint /u/gavinandresen as the bad guy, here. Classic emerged due to Core’s actions and nothing else. You want Core to actually speak for Bitcoin.

1 Oct 2012.

Some of the biggest names in the world of Bitcoin, the unregulated virtual.

Gox CEO Mark Karpeles among its board members — is meant to do for Bitcoin what.

provide a real name and mailing address to join the Foundation and vote.

Apple's AirPods, Google's Pixel 3A, PS4 Pro, and more are heavily.

02:02:41 assbot: Logged on 21-01-2015 02:32:39; mircea_popescu: including the actual bitcoin foundation is the correct move there. mod6 ben_vulpes are in charge. 02:05:17 mircea_popescu: "The "Bitcoin Foundation" poured an unforgiveable number of coins into the market to feed Gavin Andresen and his family?and for what? 3 years of development that’s just about to get flushed down the drain?